We know live in a world where nearly everyone has a camera. In a world of smart phones it has never been easier to document every aspect of your life. We are bombarded every day with pictures of people’s breakfasts, duck faces and selfies but when we look back in years to come and dig our way through our facebook pages and instagram feeds are these really the photographs you will look back on and smile. Probably not. Surely once you have seen one selfie you have seen them all.

It will be the photographs of friends, family members, pets and days spent with the latter that we will be downloading to keep and with all that time spent with a camera phone their rally is no excuse for not upping your snapping game. We compiled some handy hints to help make the photographs that matter look better. These are really simple tips that you can start using straight away. Some are technical. Some are practical but every one is useful.

The Rule Of Thirds

This handy little hint will change the photographs you take instantly. Your snaps will go from bland to exciting in no time at all by following this simple little rule. The rule of thirds is all about composition. I’m sure that at some point you have hit the wrong button on your phone or maybe switched something on that looks like a grid while playing around with your menu. That grid will help you take amazing photographs. Most phone photographers will stick their subject smack dab in the middle of the frame. While this is easy to do using this grid will help take your photographs more interesting.

The places where the lines cross are called “sweet spots.” If you place the face of your subject on a sweet spot, either slightly to the left or right of the middle so that the “X” is in the middle of their face it will let you see more of the background and therefore make a more aesthetically pleasing picture. This is true of anything you are taking photographs of. If it’s at the beach, in the park, at a football game, wherever you are putting your focal point covering as many “sweet spots” as you can will lead to much better photograph. It will even work with selfies. It free’s up your background and will lead your eyes around the whole photograph. This leads us to our next tips conveniently.


Think about your setting. If you are at a wedding, a birthday party, at the park, on holiday, wherever you are reflect it your photographs. Don't pick the bare wall to stand in front of for your photograph take your subject somewhere interesting and snap your shot there. I don't know how many photographs i’ve seen from wedding guests of people sitting around tables. After a while everything starts to look the same. I can only assume the bridal party spent a pretty penny organising their wedding somewhere special. Go exploring and find a nice backdrop to take those photographs. You will appreciate it more in the long run.


It’s a dieng art unfortunately. Gone are the days when you would need to take your disposable camera to the pharmacist to get them developed and although the convenience of taking as many of photographs as you want it amazing the physical photo album is disappearing. Have alook through your phone and select some photographs to print out. Not only can you get them framed and put them around your home when it comes to the time to dig out the photo albums and reminisce then you can pass the album around your loved ones and share stories rather than looking at the one mobile phone. Why not get those special moments put onto canvas, or special frames. You can use this vistaprint promo code to grab yourself a bargain.